Whether it's a Ferrari or a Morris Minor our cars can become part of our family just like pets. Why not have a portrait of your car to hang on your living room wall.

For an extra £9.99 I will include a tee shirt with a print of the artwork on it!

A portrait of a car can also be a unusual and very personal gift for someone who is a car enthusiast. They would be able to own a beautifully detailed colour pencil drawing of their treasured car as well as being able to wear a tee shirt with an image their car portrait on the front

You would need to supply me with several good quality photos of the car which would be returned with the finished artwork.

The artwork is usually about A3 size . The price for a drawing with a very simple background is usually £120, for a more detailed background as shown in the samples on these pages £160. This does not include postage and packing.

If you are interested in a portrait please email with your details

Email Kathleen Joyce at kjoyce7117@aol.com. Tel:(44)020 8804 6181
visit my website at www.illustrationwithdesign.com

Have a portrait of your car!!!
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