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Description Up dated JANUARY 2004
181 Volkswagon Saloon, Light Blue, spun aluminium hubs, White wheels, 90mm, immaculate mint boxed.  
181 Volkswagon Saloon, light Green, Green hubs, 90mm, immaculate mint boxed.  
621 3-Ton Army Wagon(1954-60) Bedford 's' tin tilt, driver no windows, 113mm, immaculate mint boxed. £65.00
622 Ten Ton Army Truck (1954-63) Foden Olive Drab, driver, tin tilt, 137mm, Supertoys, immaculate mint boxed.  
623 Army Covered Wagon (1954-63) Bedford QL Military-Green no window, driver, 105mm, immaculate mint boxed. sold
626 Military Ambulance (1956-61) Olive Drab, red cross cast-in, driver, no windows, immaculate mint boxed. 2 examples £60.00
641 Army 1 Ton Cargo Truck (1954-61) Olive Drab, tin tilt, no windows, driver, 79mm, immaculate mint boxed. sold
643 Army Water Tanker (1958-61) Olive Drab body, no windows with driver, 89mm, immaculate mint boxed. £89.00
651 Centurion Tank (1954-70) Olive Drab mat, metal rollers, rubber tracks, Supertoy, immaculate mint boxed.  
660 Tank Transporter (1956-61) Thornycroft Mighty Antar, Army Green, no windows, driver, immaculate mint yellow box. £155.00
661 Recovery Tractor (1957-65) Army Green, 6 die cast wheels operable crane, immaculate mint boxed. £120.00
666 Missile Erector Vehicle with Corporal Missile Lunching platform mint boxed (1959-64) sold
670 Armored Car (1954-64) Olive-Drab body, turret rotates, die cast wheels, 73mm, immaculate mint boxed. sold
673 Scout Car (1953-61) Olive Drab body, squadron markings, holes for personnel, 68mm, immaculate mint boxed. sold
674 Austin Champ (1954-66)Olive-Drab body, driver, tinplate windscreen, die cast hubs, 69mm. immaculate mint boxed. £50.00
676 Armored Personnel Carrier (1955-62) Olive-Drab, 82mm, 6 wheels, squadron markings, revolving turret, mint boxed.  
688 Field Artillery Tractor (1957-61)Olive-Drab. No windows with driver, cast hubs. 81mm. mint and boxed. £48.00
689 Medium Artillery Tractor (1957-66) Olive-Drab, driver, no windows, 6 wheels, tin tilt, mint and boxed. sold
692 5.5 Medium Gun excellent mint box (1955-62) £25.00
814 "AML" Panhard Armoured Car (1962-64) French Issue £100.00
971 Coles Mobile Crane (1954-64) £50.00
98888 ABC Transmitter Van (1962-69) £180.00

Contact Andrew Kilmartin....Tel:(44) 020 8804 6181

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